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Hi, this is Reisha from Hooking Up on ABC, known as Log In for Love on TLC- the show about online dating.

CONNECT with others in my social community for African American and Black professionals. No, it is not just for online dating and singles... it is also for friends, business associates, married couples, and families. Join Here!

RELAX, I understand that most African American and Black professionals are concerned about other people seeing their profile or photo online….I learned this all too well while filming Hooking Up on ABC. That is why the community is private...

SEE what my life is really like. Read my thoughts about internet dating and filming the ABC online dating show, Hooking Up (or Log In for Love on TLC). Also, journey with me as I write about owning and operating my business... and who knows what else...

ASK me a question about the ABC show Hooking Up (or Log In for Love on TLC), owning a business or other topics. I will try to answer in one of my upcoming blog posts here on ventureheart. -Reisha

What did I wear on Hooking Up? Where did I get the outfits?
All of the gear that I wore on Hooking Up came from talented African American and Black female designers or stores. These sistahs are off the hook! Ladies, get it for yourself. Fellas, get a fly gift for your woman!...

Where did I go on my dates on Hooking Up?
Many of the places were Black owned establishments or events. Find out more...

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